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For the better part of my life I have had a passion for water. There was a natural connection I couldn't explain. But in the 1960's and 70's you simply drank water when you were thirsty, played in it when it was summer, and threw snowballs when it was winter. I didn't think much about not having clean water, it was everywhere.

Time marched on while I spent the bulk of my life in "the trades". I learned how to make almost anything and problem solve on a daily basis.

Then the reality of "not so clean water" started making headlines. At first I ignored it. It was a long way from where I lived in Canada. Then the whole clean water subject started getting closer to the main populations centers. I started finding minimal pollutants in Northern streams and rivers where I hiked. This was too close to home for me. Yes, I am guilty of responding to the problem after it landed in my backyard. Better late than never.

This whole clean, pure water subject took on a new light. I studied fundamentals of water pollution and what developed countries were doing about it.

I knew without exception, there were far easier ways to clean water on an individual level. Such as hiking the back country or simply as a resident near any source of water. I knew how to clean water because I had already experimented with solar stills, reverse osmosis, charcoal filters and other ways to get drinking water when you have nothing. With exception of the reverse osmosis, these other clean water ways were mainly from my needs while hiking in Northern B.C. There were minimal pollutants there, but the main threat was a bug called "Beaver Fever". A noxious parasite that could give you terrible diarrhea. Anyway the need for clean divining water hit home and my focus became solving everyone's water challenges. But the twist was it had to be a simple solution, preferably when you had practically nothing to start with.

This web site was the result of that.



* Always be sure to test your water before using. Dew-Drop.com accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.