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Where to Locate Water in an Emergency
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Where to Locate Water in an Emergency
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After a disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, major fire, etc., some or all supplies and services can be cut off for an undisclosed length of time. Also water contamination becomes a real possibility. It is good to know how to locate and purify water in these emergencies.

We all need clean water to drink on a daily basis. Yes, you can live for a few days without water, but it is going to be a hunt.

First let's see where we can get water from in our homes:

Hot Water Tanks - this is a classic. Turn off the source of heat and when the tank has cooled you simply use the tap at the bottom of the tank to get your water.

Water Pipes - Open a tap upstairs (or the highest point possible) for air to enter and then open a downstairs (or lower) tap to get the water.

Ice - melted ice is water. Ice cubes that were in the freezer will turn to water when melted.

Toilet Tank - providing you don't use chemicals in the tank, the water in the toilet tank (not the bowl) is perfectly useable water.

If the potable water has been sitting for more than 2 days, you must purify it before using it.

Emergency water purification


* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.