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Before I start on the cleaning method for water I just want to state a simple fact:

There is no such thing as "radio active" water.

Water can not be made "radio active". It can have irradiated particles suspended in it. The water itself will not be radio active... just what is in it.

In nature, everything wants to be equalized or balanced. That includes water contaminated with radiation. Mother Nature is the ultimate equalizer. She cleans things with distillation, plants and natural filtering. We will mimic the cleaning effects of nature itself with our water cleaning techniques.

I have also designed this method for when you have almost nothing to start with.

But: You do have to at least have:

- a container.

- some way of starting a fire.

- access to wood (hardwood being the best).

- access to fine powdered clay (river bank clay will do).

- and of course - water.

In order to purify radio active water two things have to happen.

1) sacrificial particles have to be held in suspension to absorb the abundance of energized radio active molecules.

2) A cleansing blanket is added to the water to remove the original sacrificial particles.

These 2 steps MUST be done twice for maximum cleaning effect.

The best cleansing particles for removing radio active particles is green coal. An excellent second choice is charcoal. Because green or immature coal is not easily found charcoal is our obvious choice. Charred wood or charcoal can easily be made made with any fire. If you are concerned about maximum quantity of carbon rich charcoal you will need to get the fire going and then restrict the air that supplies oxygen for combustion. When charcoal used to be made by hand for the filtering of water or whiskey, sods were used. Sods are green grass with dirt held as a basket in the roots. If sods were not available flat rocks were often the second choice.

In essence, you build a fire, then try to stop 95% of the air from being able to reach it. This burns mainly the combustible gases in the wood and leaves the non oxidized carbon behind. Exactly what we are looking for.

Once the fire cools and stops all combustion, take the charcoal and crush it up to a fine powder. This is the active particle source we will be using. If you do have access to green coal, crush it up and us it the same way as the charcoal.

Pour approximately 2 cups of the finely crushed powder in a shallow container. Add your water. Unfortunately, the crushed powder will float on the surface of the water we are cleaning. To begin with, we will just keep stirring the floating powder into the water about every 10 - 15 minutes. The original carbon powder we added will be used up quite quickly (the effectiveness of the powder will be short because of the strong initial neutralization).

After 2 - 3 hours you can either filter out the carbon (charcoal) with a filter set up of lift the bulk of the charcoal out of the water with a screen or strainer. Obviously filtering is your best option if available.

Repeat the process by adding another 2 cups of the carbon (charcoal) and allow it to sit covered for approximately 24 hours.

Locate a fine clay formation (usually along rivers) and scrape the top 1" - 2" layer away. It is best to use dry clay for the final filtering as this will be easy to sprinkle on the water surface. We are using a wine clearing technique to pull 99.5% of all the contaminants out of the water. Use about 1/2 - 1/3 cup of this fine clay for each gallon of water and mix thoroughly with the water. Allow it to sit for about an hour. Attach a 3 foot piece of rope to the container and spin in a circle to drive the cleaning clay towards the bottom of the bucket. (Picture twirling a bucket over your head fast enough for the water to not dump on you). Spin it at a good velocity about 8 - 10 rotations and then let it sit over night. Pour off the mostly clear water from the top. This water will be over 99% clear of radio active particles. Remove any floating charcoal that remains floating on the top.

Please make sure to boil the water before consuming in order to kill any parasites or bad bacteria that may have been introduced when the fine clay was added.

At this point, I am not sure whether I should say "Enjoy" or "Drink Up" based on the seriousness of the situation. But it is good to know that is this is the water you are faced with, there is a way to make it clean.

Lastly, I am listing some plants which are well known for their ability to clean water of almost anything including radiation, heavy metals along with an assortment of chemical contaminants.

- Water Hyacinth - this rapid growing water plant is excellent at purifying at a very fast rate.

- Sunflowers - another winner. The sunflower can clean 95% of all toxins out of soil and water usually within 24 hours. An incredible plant, sunflowers were used on floating styrofoam in the Chernobyl clean up. After 24 hours, the roots contained 8,000 times their volume of strontium radiations which was rapidly reducing the total radio active particle count in the contaminated area.


- Cannabis or Marijuana - an excellent contaminant cleaner for water and or soil.

I hope you never have to use this knowledge, but, if serious problems occur, you stand a good chance of surviving in a bad situation.


* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.