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It is truly a shame to live beside (or near) the ocean or sea and not be able to drink it's water. Oh I guess you could drink it if you wanted, but at 3.5% salinity you will experience dehydration and a very dry mouth.

To make sea water drinkable we need to remove the salt first. Please keep in mind that ocean water contains a number of elements, actually recognized as dissolved ions. What we taste when we drop a little sea water on out tongue is just the salt. (19,400 ppm chlorine, 10,800 ppm sodium).

OK, we all know that sea water is undrinkable, now I will not only show you how to make sea or ocean water drinkable, but enjoyable. Most water can be made clean enough for drinking. It is just a matter of what technique is needed to produce fresh water.

The number 1 choice for removing salt and other impurities from the salt water is desalination. Some people will argue that reverse osmosis is a better choice. No. When you have little or nothing to start with, the sun's energy or solar distillation is the way to go.

Later I will cover what to do when the sun doesn't shine. Right now we are going to focus on making sea water "pure" with a solar still.

As with all things in life, there are many types of solar desalination units to choose from. I am certainly not just talking about what you can buy, but simple, very effective water cleansers you can easily make. These units range from inexpensive, depending on size), to fancy, ultra high production, high efficiency setups.

Before I started designing these stills I wanted the to be:

- as inexpensive as possible.

- high production.

- portable (depending on the model).

- easy to clean.

- simple to build.

- easy to use.

- works day and night (no I am not kidding).

- enhancements to boost water production.

- work in severe conditions.

Depending on the model you choose, you could add a back up source of heat to distill water on cloudy days.

From simple to somewhat complex, just match the model to your needs. Obviously the slightly more involved units offer higher water productions and greater versatility. In addition, I will show you how to enhance your existing still for a much higher water output.

FREE water still plans are coming.

My approach is more of a survival method versus having a workshop and materials readily available. Of course, having a shop is nice, but not everyone has the facilities, so, when your back is against the wall and you need the water, I will show you how.

Desalinate and purify water whenever the need arises.


* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.