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Pure Rain Water
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Pure Rain Water
Pure Water from Streams & Rivers
Pure Water from Lakes
Pure Water from a Mud Puddle
Natural Distillation
Simple Water Purification (Filtering)
Water Purification from the Ocean or Sea (Desalination)
Locating a Fresh Water Spring
Digging a Simple Well
How to Locate Pure Water in Underground Streams
Pure Water from Fog (A Moisture Trap)
Where to Locate Water in an Emergency
Emergency Water Purification
Natural Water Purification Straws
Pure Water from Plants (Extract)
Pure Water from a Bio Filter
Portable Slow Sand Filter
Silver Water Purification
Camping Water Purification
Solar Water Purification
Pure Water from Glaciers and Snow Melt
Water Purification Using Plants
Purification of Radio Active Water
High Production Solar Still


Pure Rain! Fresh water from above. This is the source of all clean water, but rain is considered the top of the pure water chain. All of this condensed water vapor is used by us. It grows our crops, washes our streets and is the main source of our drinking water. Streams, rivers and lakes all owe their existence to rain. Gravity fed down from the mountains, there is a continuous cycle of evaporation to condensation all powered by the sun.

We will be covering how to use rain for gardens and a source of clean drinking water as well.

From a simple barrel collection system to more elaborate rain cisterns for your primary water system, using rain water just makes sense.


* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.