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The portable slow sand filter was designed to provide portable pure water anytime you need it. Obviously emergencies where clean municipal water is contaminated or when you travel back country suits the portability of this sand filter quite nicely.

I suppose the premise of this whole web site would be borderline survival methods, but, that is not what I am trying to achieve. I want ALL people to have access to clean, pure water.

Any revenue generated from this web site will be put back into creating more clean water methods when you have almost nothing to start with.

The Portable Slow Sand Filter is for when you are traveling on foot, horseback or even by car and pull up to lake or stream (or even a mud puddle) and want some clean drinking water.

With nothing to ever buy again, once the pump is built, all you have to do is maintain the sand filter and the schmutzdecke (a complex biological) layer (easy!).

You should expect a 9 - 18 month run time for your filter system before having to replace the top sand or all the sand in the filter. It really depends on what you are putting through your filter.

If you are filtering muddy water, the top of the sand will become plugged sooner than if you were just cleaning lake and stream water. Thankfully, just the top sand layer can be replaces instead of the entire filter media.

Reasons I like the Portable Slow Sand Filter

#1 - You never need to purchase anything again once your filter is built - sand is free.

#2 - Will work in severe or challenging situations.

#3 - Will clean 98% of all water purification situations. (Excluding chemical contamination such as benzene and lighter petroleum products).

#4 - Uses timeless Mother Nature style filtering / cleaning in sand (micro biotic filter).

#5 - Extremely good ion attraction from the sand grains to 98% of all contaminants.

#6 - Simple to use and to make.

#7 - Suction wand allows you to use almost any small amount of water, such as moisture trapped in pockets or crevices, shallow puddles or in holes and wells where water is scarce.

#8 - Pump portion of the filter uses the new "Everlast Pump Diaphragm" - which lasts for years.

#9 - You may have to regrettably move through areas of the country after a disaster. You will come out unscathed instead of suffering like others with intestinal diarrhea and other contaminated water health issues.

#10 - You are able to store a complete cylinder of water inside the pump. This built in storage is invaluable when no clean containers are available.

#11 - You can use the filter / pump as a water gun. Why yes, I have! Shooting water from boat to boat while floating on a river. (Don't tell your kids about the hand water gun use.)

I will show you how to get and clean sand from river banks and streams. Sand is normally mixed with clay and larger rocks but it is easy to clean and size for water filtering / purification in our water filter.

I will also show you how to make a simple sieve that is very easy to use. This sieve is what I use to get the correct size of sand for our unit.

I like the fact that you can be hundreds of miles away from community or city and still be able to recharge your filter with clean sand. No power or chemicals needed.

Need to sterilize sand? It is easy to do. Just build banks of sand around a normal camp fire and the heat will do the rest.

Can't light a fire? Are you aware that the U.V rays from the sun will naturally sterilize our land when the sun shines? You can purify your sand the same way. Lay thin layers out under the sun and at the end of the day scrape up all the prepared filter sand ready for use. No power, no chemicals, no fine.

Clean, pure water is never far away. Knowledge and in this case, your Portable Slow Sand Filter are all you need.

I have intentionally created these one of a kind plans with low cost and ease of building in mind. Every step is photographed, every action described. Don't forget I am always here to answer your emails. I SUPPORT WHAT I SELL!!

Portable Slow Sand Filter!


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Emailed Plans for the Portable Slow Sand Filter #SSF1101 $9.97
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* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.