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The Technical description of water purification is to remove undesirable chemicals, materials and biological contaminants from raw or suspect water. For our purposes we need a simple purification filtering method to clan any water we intend to drink. Easy to say, not always easy to do.


My first question is "what is contaminating this water?"

Are you up in the remote hills or near an urban population center?

Is this area used by livestock?

Are you down wind of heavy industry?

Always pay attention to your environment and where you plan to extract water. Look around, are there lichens growing in the trees? Is there dead vegetation and/or animals anywhere? What is growing on the ground? You are always better off to pull water from a hillside stream than you are from a pond at the bottom of a valley. That includes the outback as well. Flowing water, at some point, comes from a relatively clean source. Rainfall in the hills, snow melt, underground stream, at one time this water was quite clean or pure.

The fact that it is flowing means it could pick up some containments along the way, but more importantly, the water is constantly being oxy generated and exposed to numerous rocks and crevices. The stream bottom exposure also offers a type of cleaning. Water from valley bottoms tends to concentrate pollutants and elevate levels of bacterial and parasites. Of course, the water in these reservoirs can be cleaned (filtering, solar still, then pass through purified charcoal), but if you can put the odds in your favor why wouldn't you?

Water purification is easy and safe once you know how.

Never go thirsty again.



* Always be sure to test your water before using. accepts no liability for the use of the information on the site. We do our best to bring you information on clean, drinkable water.