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Purifying water with silver is not new. It has been around for thousands of years. The origin of this method of keeping water pure and drinkable was said to be an accident.

The story I looked up went like this; A trading caravan was crossing a well traveled section of China many thousands of years ago. A merchant had struck a bargain with some shady nomads who only tried to only pay part of the money owed to the merchant. Of course, the merchant wanted full payment for the spices and silks he had just sold them. It was during this dispute that the rest of the merchant's fellow travelers arrived at his camp. Finally, the chief nomad realized there was no way to leave without paying the merchant so he threw the silver coins he owed into a water container belonging to the caravan before he left. So as to not contaminate the water further, the merchant was content to wait to retrieve his coins until the water was consumed or went bad, whichever came first. The rest of their journey took about a month to complete and while all the water in the containers was consumed or putrefied or went bad the water with the silver coins remained very drinkable until the trip was over.

How Silver Purifies Water

Silver has a long history of providing a clean bacteria free environment helping people and animals alike.

It's bactericidal properties are just starting to be explored by modern medicine. It is an extremely cost effective method of helping keep water clean and drinkable for extended periods of time. When fine filtering is combined with a pure silver surface, water can be cleaned to a very high level of purity.

The way it works is to provide silver ions into any contained water simply by submerging silver into that water. A very low count of ions are slowly given off by the immersed metal over a period of time. These ions destroy a variety of harmful bus and organisms in the water rendering it safe to drink.

Silver works by interrupting the bacteria cell's ability to form chemical bonds which it needs to survive and reproduce.

In any case, when used properly, silver can be an incredible aid to make and keep water pure and safe to drink.


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